ID Machines

Ever wonder where all those ID cards in your wallet come from, or your employee ID badge for that matter? These cards don’t just magically appear. They’re printed on special ID machines designed to produce durable IDs on PVC plastic cards. An ID card printer isn’t that much different than a regular desktop printer, at least in form and setup procedures, but the role these machines play is quite unique. They make it possible for any business or organization to launch a full-fledged ID card program.

ID machines come in a variety of makes and models. Some print one card side at a time, while others can print both the front and back of the card in a single pass. There are entry-level models built for smaller ID programs with basic card-printing needs. Other machines are geared towards high-volume, high-security card applications. Choosing the right ID card printer depends of course on the specific requirements and needs of the individual ID card program.